Meeting Request Form

If you are interested in meeting with one of the attorneys at Schleier Law Offices, we will need to get some information from you. We ask that you submit the information about your potential case so that we may assess the merits of your claim and determine whether Schleier Law Offices will be able to represent you. Please provide as much detail as you can in the form below. Additionally, you can call our office and speak with a staff member and provide the same basic information for the attorneys to consider.

In completing this form, you acknowledge that Schleier Law Offices is not offering to represent you at this time or accepting any duty or responsibility to represent you in a lawsuit, mediation or any other legal matter. After receiving the initial information, we will notify you whether we are interested in a follow-up conversation or meeting to discuss possible representation of your case. Your communications during this evaluation process will be treated as privileged and confidential.


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Background Information

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  Breach of contract
Failure to promote
  Let us know why you are seeking
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recent wrongful event occured
  Have you filed a charge of
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  Has a Right to Sue Letter been
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Additional questions about your claim

  What was your salary/hourly wage
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  If the case involves a loss of
wages, commissions, bonuses, what is the total you believe is owed to
  If the case involves a termination,
how long have you been unemployed?
  If reemployed, what is your current
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  Have the events described above
caused you any emotional distress?
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Referral source

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